Opening Plenary Session

Welcome to Tennessee & Pavement Preservation Impact on Tennessee DOT – Paul Degges – View Video

The Need for Continuing the Drive for Change – Jim Moulthrop – View Video

Pavement Preservation from the Agency Perspective – Carlos Braceras – View Video

Making the Case for Road Preservation to Meet Social ExpectationsJean-François Corté – View Video

Agency Plenary Session

Why Is Pavement Preservation Important? – Butch Waidelich – View Video

The Value of Pavement Preservation to Local Agencies – Brian Stacy – View Video

Midwest Pavement Partnership Accomplishments & Future Directions – Francis Todey – View Video

Northeast Pavement Partnership Accomplishments & Future Directions – Derek Nener-Plante – View Video

Rocky Mountain West Pavement Partnership Accomplishments & Future Directions – Mary Gayle Padmos – View Video

Southeast Pavement Partnership Accomplishments & Future Directions – Jon Wilcoxson – View Video

Industry Plenary Session

Workforce Development in Today’s Marketplace – View Video

Pavement Preservation Basics

Keys to a Successful Preservation Program – Mark Ishee – View Video

Pavement Preservation on Highly Trafficked Roadways: The New Normal – David Peshkin – View Video

Concrete Pavement Preservation EssentialsJerod Gross – View Video

Environmental Impacts

Green Chemistry & Commercial ApplicationsJohn Warner – View Video

Green Initiatives in the California Bay AreaTheresa Romell – View Video

Impacts of Pavement Preservation & Recycled Materials on SustainabilityTodd Thomas – View Video

Emerging Technologies

Micro Milling: Applications & Advantages for Pavement Preservation – Andrea Latham – View Video

Georgia DOT Micro Milling & Thin OverlayJames Tsai & Ernay Robinson – View Video

Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Used in Pavement Preservation ApplicationsDon Matthews – View Video

Asset Management & Pavement Performance Measures

Implementation of National Performance Measures and Asset Management PlanStephen Gaj – View Video

Impact of MAP-21 Performance Measures on AgenciesEd Block – View Video

Data Collection Iowa Experience – Scott Schram – View Video

Impact on MAP-21 Performance Measures on Local AgenciesPat Kennedy – View Video

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Experience – Jon Wilcoxson – View Video

Pavement Preservation Best Practices

Preserve Your Roadway Network – Jason Dietz – View Video

Best Practices with Chip SealsScott Shuler – View Video

Survey of State Pavement Management Practices for Concrete PavementsLarry Scofield – View Video

Sustainability Case Studies

Sustainable Pavement Practices Help Local Agencies in CA Improve Their Road InfrastructureKevin Donnelly – View Video

Sustainability Benefits of Pavement PreservationBecky McDaniel – View Video

Building Sustainable Pavements in Virginia Using In-Place Recycling – Brian Diefenderfer – View Video

Research (SPS-2, NCHRP 9-53, NCHRP 14-33)

SPS-2 Concrete Pavement Preservation Experiment – Jeff Uhlmeyer – View Video

Evaluating the Effect of Preservation Treatments on Pavement Performance & Service Life – James Bryce – View Video

Structural Characteristics & Environmental Benefits of Cold-Recycled Asphalt Paving Materials – Chuck Schwartz – View Video

Pavement Condition Data Needed for Preservation

Modernizing Pavement Management in Kentucky – Tracy Nowaczyk & Chad Shive – View Video

So Many Choices; So Much Data – Rick Miller – View Video

Maryland’s Perspective on Pavement Condition Data for Pavement PreservationGeoff Hall – View Video

Safety Initiatives

Diamond Saw Cut Pavement Textures: Improving Pavement Performance & Customer SatisfactionLarry Scofield – View Video

Save Lives with High-Friction Surface TreatmentsChris Wagner – View Video

Performance & Safety Enhancements Using New Preservation TechniquesCecil Jones – View Video

Recycling & Reuse

Using Hot In-Place Recycling to Ensure SuccessJohn Rathbun – View Video

Best Practices for In-Place RecyclingSteve Cross – View Video

Concrete Pavement Reuse & Recycling: Proven TechnologiesMark Snyder – View Video

Certification & Accreditation

Introduction to AASHTO Accreditation – Casey Soniera – View Video

Advancing Pavement Preservation through CertificationLarry Galehouse & Rex Eberly – View Video

New Measurement Technologies

Data Automation for Pavement Distress Survey in the 3D WorldKelvin Wang – View Video

Integrating the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer into Pavement Management to Support an Effective Pavement Preservation Program – Curt Beckemeyer – View Video

SCRIM Friction Testing in the USA – Edgar de Leon Izeppi – View Video

Quality Assurance

Basics of Quality AssuranceTodd Shields – View Video

Making the Most of Your Quality Management SystemTracy Barnhart – View Video

Ensuring Quality Mix DesignsDave Welborn – View Video

Dispute Resolution IssuesJon Epps – View Video

The Economics of Pavement Preservation

Adapting Pavement Preservation Strategies to Significant Changes in Economic Conditions – David Hein & Don Reid – View Video

Evaluating the Economic Benefit of Pavement Preservation – Susan Tighe – View Video

Recognizing Life Cycle Cost Sensitivity for Pavement Preservation Treatments – Doug Gransberg – View Video

LTAP Efforts to Advance Preservation

North Dakota: Innovation Building Blocks – Dale Heglund – View Video

Indiana LTAP: Local Government Asset Management and Pavement Preservation – Richard Domonkos – View Video

New Hampshire Technology Transfer Center – Charles Goodspeed – View Video

Nevada LTAP: Teaching Pavement PreservationJim Nichols – View Video

Pavement Management: Putting the Data to Work

Using PMS to Develop a Transportation Asset Management Plan – Judith Corley-Lay – View Video

Examples of Decision Support Using Pavement Management Data – John Coplantz – View Video

Decision Making: Putting Data to WorkScott Gibson – View Video

Advancing the Technologies

Innovative Concrete Preservation Practices Used in CaliforniaRobert Hogan – View Video

Route 3 North: Pavement Preservation SHRP2 Showcase ProjectEd Naras – View Video

Newest Advancements in Slurry Seals & Micro SurfacingScott Metcalf – View Video

Societal Benefits & Implications

Pavement Preservation for the AnthropoceneTeresa Adams – View Video

Societal Benefits of Pavement PreservationNeal Galehouse – View Video

Preservation and Quality of Life: Framework and Examples John Harvey – View Video

NCAT & MnROAD Studies, SPS 11 & 12

NCAT Preservation Treatment FindingsBuzz Powell – View Video

National Pavement Advancements MnROAD/NCAT PartnershipBen Worel – View Video

Update on Proposed FHWA LTPP Pavement Preservation ExperimentsGonzalo Rada – View Video


Making Better Decisions by Linking ADA Curb Ramps to PMS DataSui Tan – View Video

Trade-Off Considerations within the Context of Pavement ManagementCharles Pilson – View Video

Performance Measures for Making Pavement Preservation DecisionsDavid Luhr – View Video

Local Agency Plenary Session

Pavement Preservation and Local Agencies – Richie Beyer – View Video

Pavement Preservation: NACE PerspectiveTodd Kinney – View Video

Missouri DOT: Pavement Preservation for Local AgenciesTodd Miller – View Video

Closing Session

A Call to Action: Stressing Conference Take-Aways – Judith Corley-Lay – View Video