Pavement Preservation Partnerships

The pavement preservation partnerships are regional forums of pavement professionals and practitioners from state agencies, contractors, suppliers, consultants, academia, and local and federal government officials all working together to take advantage of the synergy to be gained from sharing information and identifying common issues for further investigation. The Partnerships – Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Rocky Mountain West each share and publicize information describing improvements in research, design, specifications, materials and construction practices,
and promote the benefits of pavement preservation through education and outreach.

An opportunity to hear from experts in the preservation field through plenary and technical sessions.
■ Opportunities to observe placement demonstrations for several types of pavement preservation treatments.
■ Individual perspectives from leaders of industry, government, and academia about the need to protect our roadway investment through preservation.
■ A forum for Regional Pavement Preservation Partnerships underwritten through the AASHTO Transportation System Preservation Technical Services Program (TSP·2).
■ A national networking opportunity to share technology, experiences, and issues affecting agencies and industry alike.

You can register for the 2016 National Pavement Conference via mail by filling out the registration forms found in end of the brochure or you can Register Online.

TSP·2 invitees do not call the hotel for a reservation, but complete and return the Travel Planning Request Form


Adds to the educational experience! An important part of this conference is the participation of exhibitors who offer pertinent products and services. Attendees can obtain the latest information about hundreds of products and services available for pavement preservation programs and applications. Exhibitors should register for space at the conference or by submitting the enclosed form with payment.


This conference will not only celebrate the technical achievements in the preservation field, but also those who believe in and articulate the vision. We salute the organizations that provide significant support and contributions to better the state of the practice. Your sponsorship will help ensure a successful meeting! Please see enclosed registration form for opportunities available to those who share the vision.

Spouse/Guest Registration

Spouses and guests attending the conference can explore Nashville and see the local attractions. There will be no formal program. Spouse/Guest registration includes breakfast and lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and the Tuesday evening conference reception. The cost is $250 per person.