Field demonstration will be held a short distance from the hotel, at Nissan Stadium, home to the NFL Tennessee Titans. The program will include live applications of a fog seal, scrub seal, micro surfacing, thin HMA overlay, and crack sealing treatment. Rigid pavement demonstrations, such as dowel bar load transfer retrofits, and diamond grinding will also be shown. Equipment displays will include a micro surface machine, modern surface milling machine, a chip seal aggregate spreader, a state of the art emulsion distributor, in-place recycling machine, crack router and sealant melter. All of the demonstrated treatments will be in a secure, protected area, thereby removing the need for traffic control and affording the delegates maximum movement, flexibility, and opportunities to have their questions answered.

1:15 P.M., October 12th / Wednesday (4 hours)

Live Treatment Placement Demonstrations

  1. Scrub Seal
  2. Thin HMA Overlay
  3. Fog Seals
  4. Crack Treatment
  5. Micro Surfacing

Pre-Staged Concrete Treatment Demonstrations     

  1. Dowel Bar Retrofit
  2. Cross-Stitching on Longitudinal Joint
  3. Profile Grind
  4. Longitudinal Groove
  5. Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) Grind
  6. Concrete Crack Sealing
  7. Partial Depth Repair
  8. Full Depth Repair

Equipment Narrated Displays

  1. Surface Milling Machine
  2. Shot Blasting Machine
  3. Micro Surfacing Machine
  4. Asphalt Emulsion Distributor
  5. Chip Spreader